Last updated: July 17, 2021


At Spree, our mission is to provide the best livestream social shopping experience created by our vibrant community where creators and shoppers can interact safely. To reach this ideal, we ask that all participants interact in such a way that promotes a friendly, positive experience for our community.

Safety, diversity, inclusion, and authenticity are our priorities. We want creators to celebrate what makes them unique and viewers to engage with what inspires them; and we are confident that a safe environment helps everyone express their best selves. We also aim to cultivate an environment where all cultural differences are accepted, and where genuine interactions occur by only promoting authentic content on Spree.

The following guidelines are provided for our community to make this as easy as possible. They apply to all user and creator generated content on our platform. To protect the integrity of our community, our team at Spree reserves the right to suspend any account at any time for any conduct that we determine to be inappropriate or harmful or is not in line with the guidelines below. We proactively enforce them using a mix of technology and human moderation, as well as any content that gets reported to us.

We regularly update our Community Guidelines on a rolling basis to evolve alongside new behaviors and encourage feedback from anyone in our community.